Working with Local Governments

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Affordable Development Outcomes understands that every local government is different when it comes to understanding and responding to the issue of Affordable Housing.

Our recent work with the City of Wyndham and Greater Shepparton City Councils‘, and participation at events including the Inner South East Metropolitan Partnership Affordable Housing Workshop and the Greater Bendigo Stakeholder Affordable Housing Workshop reinforces the range of challenges and opportunities for local governments in relation to Affordable Housing provision, with common themes including:

  • Increased demand whilst rates of Affordable Housing decline despite significant new housing supply – an issue that is not just specific to Melbourne;
  • The importance of investment by Federal and State Governments;
  • Questions on the role of local government given limitations on capacity, including to negotiate outcome through the planning system or directly invest;
  • Potential for Council to maximise assets to support Affordable Housing outcomes; and
  • The importance of collective action by all levels of government in partnership with the not-for-profit housing sector and private industry.

Framing the discussion about Council’s potential actions in relation to its roles as land-use planner, social planner, community developer and leader and advocate is one way Affordable Development Outcomes supports Council’s to consider why and how they may act.

Affordable Development Outcomes assessment of these key themes and understanding of wider constraints on local governments enable us to provide a way forward for Councils wanting to understand and facilitate Affordable Housing. We look forward to continuing to work with local governments as they continue to explore ways to facilitate and directly support the provision of Affordable Housing in their local government area.