Affordable Housing Delivery and Financing Masterclass

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Affordable Development Outcomes is very pleased to be working with the Affordable Housing Industry Advisory Group to deliver a Masterclass targeted at local government planners and associated advisers. Register now at

Facilitating Affordable Housing Through the Planning System

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Twelve months ago, the Victorian Government released two important policy documents; Homes for Victorians and the ‘refreshed’ Plan Melbourne 2017 – 2050.  While there is always room for improvement, these two documents are a significant and long-overdue step towards a whole-of-government strategy to increase social and affordable housing for lower income Victorians. Within these documents the State Government has recognised … Read More

Enabling industry co-investment in a sustainable Victorian affordable housing system

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‘Enabling industry co-investment in a sustainable Victorian affordable housing system’ Press release: The recently formed Affordable Housing Industry Advisory Group (the Advisory Group) is calling on greater partnerships between government and industry to support co-investment in housing solutions for lower-income Victorians. The Advisory Group comprises of representatives from across Victoria’s residential development industry, including the UDIA, Property Council of Australia, Planning … Read More

Informing Infrastructure Victoria’s draft strategy

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Infrastructure Victoria recently released its Draft Infrastructure Strategy for Victoria.  An important document informed by considerable evidence and public engagement. It is very welcoming to see that in its top three draft recommendations they have included “Investing in social and affordable housing for vulnerable Victorians to significantly increase supply.” (pg.41). This short video summarises why Infrastructure Victoria considers housing as essential infrastructure … Read More

Affordable Housing Australasia Interview

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I was interviewed recently by the organisers of the Affordable Housing Australasia Conference where I will be speaking on inclusionary zoning practices and policy questions in November.  Transcript of the interview below. What are the best alternative funding options available for affordable housing developers? Traditionally affordable housing organisations have had to rely on an ‘on/off’ tap of government grants coupled with access to … Read More

Piloting affordable housing on surplus government land: Victorian Local Governments demonstrate what is possible

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There is a growing and positive trend amongst Victorian Local Governments to commit and support delivery of affordable housing outcomes on surplus Council land.  As we eagerly anticipate details of the Victorian Government’s commitment to pilot surplus and underutilised State land it is interesting to reflect on the number of Councils that have already pushed ahead with their own programs using their … Read More

Making affordable housing projects happen: principles to achieve affordable housing

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What does it take to make affordable housing projects happen? Clearly investment is a critical component and one that is most lacking, but money is only part of the equation. As the housing sector and increasingly private industry advocate for governments to establish the structural framework and investment opportunities required to enable a robust and long-term affordable housing industry (and … Read More

Developing a Victorian affordable housing strategy – Step 1: Defining affordable housing

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I am often asked how I define affordable housing. It is an important question and one I am pleased to always discuss. At the 2015 National Housing Conference US housing expert Dr David Paul Rosen noted five policy and practice requirements for successfully delivering and financing affordable housing, drawing on six decades of US experience. The first requirement Rosen noted … Read More

Surplus government land supporting affordable housing delivery


Surplus government land supporting affordable housing delivery There is a long running debate in Victoria over whether developers should be required to deliver affordable housing as a condition of development approval, referred to as ‘inclusionary zoning’, raised again through the Plan Melbourne Refresh process. While the debate often goes around in circles, over 40 per cent of low-income renter households … Read More